Sunday, July 5, 2020

m21 premiere draft #5 - 7/5/20 PM edition - [0-2 DROP]
i don't think i've seen a worse pile of cards ever
m21 premiere draft - 7/5/20 PM edition - [6-3]
sooooo... my first three picks were blue (rare 2/2 flying spirit, 2/3 flyer draw cards, capture sphere) and i didn't get into red until pack 2 (p2p1 brash taunter i was NOT passing it) and get passed a masticore for pick 2, and a radha for pick 4. OKAY THEN
6-0 then 0-2 both games 2 lands never saw a third then 0-1 there's a mythic dragon that's pretty good vs. me. he also had soul sear to cook my hallowblade (removes indestructible) a guy to get his soul sear back, soul seared another dude (i had a feat, but he unsubstantiated my feat) to cook another dude. just ugh
m21 premier draft #3 - 7/5/20 - [3-3]
it's garbage
edit: 0-2 (bad draw, just overpowered game 2), then 3-0, then mana screwed (had so many outs but no red somehow)
m21 premiere draft - 7/5/20 #2 - [0-3 NEVER SAW BANESLAYER]
started out with blue picks but didn't really get there. could still play blue maybe but black worked better (although i would still splash for patty)
m21 premiere draft - 7/5/20 - [3-3]
got both experimental overloads and the second shipwreck douser in pack 3 so forcing red/blue in pack 1 paid off...
edit 1: drew badly in game 1 (0-1) and game 6 (3-3) oof
m21 TRADITIONAL draft - 7/4/20 - [2-1]
edit 1: fuck i ddin't realize this wasn't a premiere draft (7 wins / 3 losses) and it's traditional (3 matches of best-of-3-games played) ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
edit 2: went 2-1 and lost a VERY close game 3/match vs dude in red/blue spells. got him to 1 life, he took care of 2 of my blockers on the last turn (i had all flying dudes and he was dead on my next turn) and had sure strike to pump up his dude to get through to me. oh well
so i got a pack 3, pick 7 patrician and figured i could stuff it in -- and got two matching fixing lands the next two picks after it. theme: counters and gain life (to make angels, hopefully)

Saturday, July 4, 2020

m21 premiere draft - 7/4/20 - [6-3]
made it to platinum with this guy. probably should have beaten the final boss, but i think i misplayed.
m21 sealed - 07/04/20 - [6-3]

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

m21 premiere draft - 7/1/20 - [5-3]
i probably should have gotten to sleep instead of playing this, but i had accidentally done a traditional draft before it (2-1 r/u spells)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

m21 premiere 6/30/20 - trash mono red ugh [2-3]
m21 premiere draft 6/30/20 - [3-3] i can't believe i lost two fucking games to screw with this deck.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

m21 sealed - 6/28/20 [2-3] so, i really wanted to play 3 colors with this but i didn't really get any fixing (okay i did have two shrines which could have made things interesting) and play 4x rousing read, sanctum, tef's ageless insight, jeskai elder, and maybe read the tides but i couldn't really trim it down below 48 cards ok so i ended up going 2-2 with green/white, trying out this pile because nothing really matters anymore

Saturday, June 27, 2020

m21 premiere draft 6/27/20 [2-3] i drafted both u/b and u/r but i don't think i could combine them reliably\\ i think the red was better (dragon, 2 removal spells)
m21 premiere draft trash [4-3]
m21 sealed - ugin+gargaroth - 06/27/20 - [0-3 what the fuck? two games flood one game screw]