Sunday, July 5, 2020

m21 premiere draft - 7/5/20 PM edition - [6-3]
sooooo... my first three picks were blue (rare 2/2 flying spirit, 2/3 flyer draw cards, capture sphere) and i didn't get into red until pack 2 (p2p1 brash taunter i was NOT passing it) and get passed a masticore for pick 2, and a radha for pick 4. OKAY THEN
6-0 then 0-2 both games 2 lands never saw a third then 0-1 there's a mythic dragon that's pretty good vs. me. he also had soul sear to cook my hallowblade (removes indestructible) a guy to get his soul sear back, soul seared another dude (i had a feat, but he unsubstantiated my feat) to cook another dude. just ugh

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